Wisdom : Based On A True Story

Teach your Warrior Poets the ‪Wisdom‬ of setting goals and to never be afraid to fail. With each attempt, they will improve. They will grow wiser. They will grow stronger. They will grow to be Warrior Poets. Hope you enjoy our newest Based on A True Story video! Look at the rim. What do I see? A piece of metal? a basket? I see a goal. A catalyst for potential. I see a man in the making. With each shot missed, every game lost, I see a building block take shape... Helping me grow, improve, get better. With every rejection/failure and every struggle, I grow stronger, become wiser. I learn from those who have come before me. Building on the knowledge of generations past. From Father to Son, friend to friend, family to family. I will not be content to remain a boy. I will fight to become a man of noble character. I will fight to become a Warrior Poet.