Discovering True Loyalty

True loyalty can be a difficult quality to find in people. A loyal person celebrates others when they win and supports them when they lose. When you are loyal, you stand by them no matter what, and you act in ways that are best for them.

the quality of being loyal to someone or something a strong feeling of support or allegiance

Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens. — J. R. R. Tolkien

For the Parent::Battle Cry

True loyalty is a difficult quality to find in people. You often find versions of false loyalty, people who are loyal so long as you are successful or as long as they get the reward they are looking for in return. But hit hard times, stumble, even fall professionally or personally and you will see who is really loyal to you. It’s in our darkest moments, our lowest points, where loyalty becomes more real to us than anything else. Our loyalty to others should never depend on their situations, only on their substance as our friend. We should be loyal to who someone is and not to what someone can offer us.

For your Son::Call to Arms

Ask this question: What does loyalty look like to you?

Loyalty is not something entered into lightly. It’s not something you do because you feel like it or because it’s popular. When you choose to be loyal to someone, you are choosing to stand by them and be their friend in good times and in bad. A loyal person celebrates someone when they win and supports them when they lose. It means that you stand by the person you’re loyal to when they need you, even when you are afraid. It’s important to choose the people we are loyal to carefully, because you’re making a commitment to stand by them no matter what.

Weekend Activity

One weekend this month, choose a task that will be difficult and ask your son to join you. Encourage him to stay by you until the job is done. While you are doing it, share something of your childhood with your son, ask him about his week and his friends, see if you can learn something new. Once you are finished, ask him if there is something in which he needs your help. Help him, no matter what he says, and stay with it until it is done. Remind him in both cases that this is what loyalty looks like, staying with each other no matter how hard it gets. Let us know how things went in the comments below.