How It's Made

Want to know all of what goes into creating your favorite designs? Check out this short video to hear Tori, founder and president of Warrior Poet, talk about the level of intentional thought, care and effort we pour into each new style. Next time a friend asks what you like about Warrior Poet – just point them to this video! “The inspiration behind every single one of our designs is birthed out of the name Warrior Poet. And from (the name) Warrior Poet, we actually drill down a little bit deeper. Our 4 Core Values are Loyalty, Wisdom, Valor and Temperance. With those 4 Core Values, every single one of our designs are created and inspired. As a matter of fact, every single design that we create, when you look on our site, it actually has a story of inspiration and a story that brought that design to life. We put so much energy into the quality of our garments. Starting with the raw materials – the finest cottons, the finest materials that are blended with our cottons - we wanted that old-world quality about our apparel, and we wanted that old-world feel in the way our message came across. It’s so much more than just a graphic – it truly is a story.”