Valor : Agin the Valiant

This video tells the story of Agin, a brave young warrior in the ancient land of Moria in modern-day Greece. Agin refused to take the easy way out and fought bravely for his family, friends and neighbors. Watch the video and discuss the Valor of Agin with your own Warrior Poets! Click below! Many years ago in the ancient land of Moria there lived a young Warrior named Agin. Agin’s people were ruled by a cruel king named Garande. Each year King Garande required 5 citizens to become tributes to serve in his palace. Each year 5 people left to serve in the palace, never to be heard from again. One year, Agin’s younger brother was randomly chosen to become a tribute. Angry and fearful for his brother’s safety, Agin volunteered to take his brother’s place. No one had ever volunteered in the history of Moria, but Agin was not a man to be ruled by his fear. He was a warrior of Valor - a man who took action when others took the easy way out. As Agin left with the others he vowed to put an end to King Garande’s cruelty so that his people would never have to live in fear again. When the tributes arrived, the cruel King greeted them with a smile. He said their task was simple - they must wander the ancient maze high in the mountains in search of a legendary feather. This feather was called the Feather of Freedom because legend said that whoever possessed the feather would never lose his freedom. No man could beat him, no army could conquer him, and no king would rule him. Each year the king sent tributes into the maze to find the feather and bring it back to him, for the King wished to use the feather for himself. But, said the king, there was one little problem. A monster prowled the cave, guarding the feather from all who would take it. Scared by the king’s words, the other tributes tried to run away while Agin ran straight for the cliffs. It took him many weeks, but Agin finally found the maze. Agin searched and searched, but after many days he still could not find the feather. When the roar of the monster sounded closer than ever before, Agin stopped. He knew he could run away - that no one would ever find him and he could save himself. But that was not the Warrior Way. If he could not find the feather, then at least he would defeat the monster so none of his people would ever have to fight it again. So Agin found the monster, and to his surprise, realized that his search was over. There, caught in the tangled fur of the monster, was a glowing feather. With a mighty roar, Agin the Valiant charged the monster and defeated him. When Agin finally returned to the palace, the King tried to take the feather from him, but neither the king nor his army could defeat Agin - for the mystical feather protected him. And so, Agin banished the cruel King saying he would never rule the people of Moria again. But the story of Agin the Valiant does not end there. He is called the valiant because when Agin returned home, he also gave up the feather and helped his people create a new governmnet. To this day, the people of Moria elect a wise ruler to govern for the next year, and the person chosen wears an odd band around his head with a glowing feather as a symbol of Moria’s freedom.