Wisdom : Challenge of the Three Trials

Our new animated short, Wisdom: Challenge of the Three Trials, is finally here! Follow a wise young Celtic warrior named Faelan, as he faces the greatest challenge of his life! What trials will he face? What lessons will he learn? Please share with your Warrior Poets and maybe they will learn a lesson as well! Many years ago there lived a wise Celtic chief named Drustan. But Drustan’s time as chief was coming to an end. Every 50 years three of the tribe’s best warriors w​ould ​compete for the chance to become the next C​ynwrig, ​the heroic chief who would lead their nation. The youngest of the three warriors was named Faelan. Though Faelan was loved by all, no one believed he could beat the power of Maedoc or the swiftness of Eogan in the Challenge of the Three Trials. Before the trials began, each warrior chose one attribute of the warrior spirit to help him in the challenges. Aonghus, for Strength. Ulric, for Speed. And Cuno, for Wisdom. Maedoc chose Aonghus, and began with the trial of strength. He easily removed the gigantic boulder blocking the river Gael, and completed his first trial. But when Maedoc tried to outrun the wolf, Ulfur, in the challenge of speed, he could not keep up. No matter how hard he ran, he could not win. And so Maedoc failed the Challenge. Next, Eogan chose Ulric, and began with the race against Ulfur. Eogan’s great speed helped him outrun the wolf, but when he tried to remove the great boulder from the river Gael, his speed was of no use. Eogan tried and tried but he could not move the boulder. And so Eogan failed the Challenge. Faelan went last. He thought for a moment, then chose Cuno to aid him. Approaching the great boulder blocking the river Gael, Faelen picked up a thick tree branch lying nearby. He wedged the branch under the boulder and heaved with all his might. Though Faelan was smaller than the others, he used the branch to remove the boulder and complete his first trial. When Faelan approached Ulfur for the trial of speed, he took off his cloak, threw his shield on the ground, and gathered two branches from a fallen tree. Using the shield for a sled and the cloak and branches to make a sail, Faelan caught the great winds coming down from the mountains. The winds pushed him so fast that Faelan outran Ulfur and won his second trial. When Faelan approached Chief Drustan to receive his t​hird and ​final trial, the old chief smiled and said, “You’ve already won, Faelan. You completed the Trial of Wisdom when you chose Cuno to guide you. Like a great warrior, a chief must be both strong and swift. But only the wisest of warriors can become C​ynwrig, ​a truly heroic chief that lives out the Warrior Poet's battle cry  live like heroes!”